Privacy Policy


Gyanajuga Publication collects various kinds of data from our authors during the publishing process. This includes, but is not limited to, Name, Address, Email ID, Mobile Number, Bank Account Details (for royalty payments), Photograph, Manuscript, etc. We are committed to protecting this data to the utmost extent possible. The final typeset manuscript and book cover must be sent as a pdf copy to the printer for printing.

Aside from this, we do not share any of the data of our authors with any third parties. We seek the consent of the author first before providing any of these data. Laws require us to provide data as requested by authorities through lawful means, so this doesn’t apply. In general, we deny all requests for our authors’ data.


Authors receive quality services from us. We place the highest importance on ensuring the satisfaction of every single one of our authors. Some authors are unable to continue with us due to unavoidable or personal circumstances, or they feel they have found a better opportunity elsewhere.

Whenever an opportunity arises, we support our authors in their efforts to excel. This is why we issue a no-objection certificate to any author having a request for it, and that too free of charge, as long as our legal policy is adhered to.


The author holds this book in a special place in his heart. No one can meet the expectations of others at the first attempt, even though our work is of the highest standard and quality. We offer lenient revision policies for this reason. Having unlimited revisions would prevent the author from finishing. It would just keep pending.

Like most other publishing houses, we limit revisions according to the package selected by our authors. Generally, the revision charge is waived for the first few revisions, i.e., for a limited time, we gave you free revisions. Please note, however, that this is limited to revisions only, not a re-design of the entire book, as this would certainly incur additional fees.


The file is sent to the client after each component of the project has been completed, such as typesetting and book cover design, for suggestions, changes, and approval before moving on to the next. During this time, the author can make suggestions, ask for changes, or approve.

Once that specific work has been approved, it will be locked, and no further changes will be permitted. The author cannot withdraw his approval once he gives it in writing via email or any other method. Therefore, the author must approve the work only after being satisfied with its content. The author may, however, request the changes to the file by paying a fee of Rs. 1000/- + GST if the situation so dictates. In this way, the publication process is protected.


It is the author’s responsibility to pay the amount specified in the file by signing the agreement. As an advance payment, the author will need to pay 50% of the agreed amount within 72 hours of receiving the first invoice, and the remaining 50% can be paid at any time before the book is printed.

Before his book is printed, the author must clear all his dues. If the author does not pay 100%, his book cannot be printed. Invoices must be paid within seven days of receipt of the first invoice for the project to proceed.

The author must pay within the specified timeframe when an invoice is generated and sent to him. If he is unable to make payment within the stipulated timeline, he should either notify the company with a valid explanation or seek an extension, failing which, the company may put his project on hold.