Refund and Returns Policy


Cover and text proofs are guaranteed by Gyanajuga Publication. The entire deposit amount will be refunded if Gyanajuga Publication is unable to satisfy the customer. Gyanajuga Publication will charge for all work and services performed once proofs are approved and even if the project is subsequently cancelled, Gyanajuga Publication will charge for the work and services provided.

We guarantee that the material that we produce and deliver to you meets Gyanajuga Publication’s standard specifications for the material or that it meets the requirements of generally accepted industry standards as determined by Gyanajuga Publication.

Gyanajuga Publication provides an unconditional guarantee against defects in the quality and workmanship of all custom-printed products. The Gyanajuga Publication Company will replace or repair the defective product and/or correct shipment or labeling error at its own expense if Gyanajuga Publication produces any custom-manufactured product from or through the use of materials. It also includes a refund of the customer’s order to Gyanajuga Publication if a) Gyanajuga Publication receives written notice of any defects or errors within thirty (30) days of shipment, and b) the defect or error is not due to the customer’s materials. Gyanajuga Publication will be deemed released from any liability if it doesn’t receive the notice by the above-stated date.

Gyanajuga Publication may request that a customer returns any defective product to them if Gyanajuga Publication so requests. Merchandise can’t be returned without Gyanajuga Publication’s written authorization. Reruns or refunds will be prorated based on how many defective items you return.

Please obtain an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number from Gyanajuga Publication before returning any product. You must include the RMA number on the address label of your package. Gyanajuga Publication reserves the right to refuse delivery of any item that is returned without an RMA number attached to it.

For any reason whatsoever, Gyanajuga Publication is not liable for any loss of revenue or profit, or any other financial damage of any kind, whether direct or indirect.


Gyanajuga Publication may cancel orders for products not yet manufactured. Before cancellation, Gyanajuga Publication will incur all costs related to the pre-manufacturing or manufacturing of any product for the customer. A customer’s materials and any completed product may only be delivered to the customer after full payment of all sums owed to Gyanajuga Publication has been received.

It is important to note that Gyanajuga Publication does not provide editing services as part of its file review process for book printing or eBook distribution orders unless an author purchases Gyanajuga Publication’s editing services. We’ll print and distribute proofs once they’re approved.