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4 Must-Read Books Of 2022 That Deserve To Be In Every Bookshelf

4 Must-Read Books Of 2022 That Deserve To Be In Every Bookshelf

With 2022 inching closer to an end, an important question for any book lover is “what are my top 4 must-read books of 2022?”

As a reader, you must always keep up with the times and search for new books. But what if you’re not quite sure which books you’ll enjoy before 2022 shuts its curtain down? Books are one of the greatest ways to learn about our world and help us understand where we came from, how we got here and where we are headed.

It’s part of what makes reading such an amazing activity. This year’s list was a bit difficult because there are just so many great books being published, but we did our best to find 4 books that deserve to be on every bookshelf this year — without fail! The books you read today will shape your tomorrow. So here are 4 must-read books for 2022.

  1. Ataraxia: 21 Places To Visit For Complete Life Transformation

Written by Vishal Gupta, “Ataraxia” will help you understand why certain places are important to see and experience first-hand. There is an unexpected element to the 21 places and they each have a surprising story behind them. In this book, the author shares three insights from each location to provide an idea of the type of information one could gain from each place. This book offers a solution to those who have been trying to find out how they are living their lives and what they should do next.

  1. Soda, Water, Lemon In My Mocktail

This novel, written by Ruchira Garg shows different stages of a woman’s life through three distinct periods: soda, water, and lime. Each period implies significant meaning throughout the novel. The flow is easy-going, gripping, and very well developed. The plot, setting, and characters make this book an effortlessly and captivating read. The dialogues are witty, crisp, and engaging. The author, Ruchi Garg, talks about the problems women encounter every day in their families and societies, and how to overcome them.

  1. A Man With A White Shadow

A man with a white shadow is a fictional story portrayed by Vikram Suryawanshi. It begins with Lord Ganesh expressing his wish to land on earth and eliminate all the negative aspects present on this planet. On the other hand, we see twin brothers, Karan and Arjun born along with their friend, Rutvik. The book sheds light upon various aspects of our lives such as aging, discernment, determinations, and so on. This novel also portrays the possibility that everyone has written his/her destiny before becoming human.

  1. I Wanna Grow Up Once Again

I Want To Grow Up Again is a great book about how to change your life by changing your mind. It talks about inner child issues and how they affect us. It also talks about how we can change our lives by changing our minds. Written by Dr. Sumit Gupta is an excellent book about how to bring back childhood dreams and desires into your life.

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